i’m 19,
currently in university,
majoring in psychology.

i shatter and bloom through poetry.

i have a passion for
eternalizing moments
through photography.

my head is usually
looking down at either
a book or my phone,
editing photos.

my hands are usually
in the Notes app
or an actual notebook,
typing and writing
time and thoughts away.

i prefer to keep my voice in my head
and my lips smiling instead of talking.

i don’t only perceive reality
through my five senses;
i like to keep it dreamy
through my imagination.

i am a bundle of endless enthusiasm
for starting things
but not exactly finishing them.

my head is scattered,
yet everything i do
is done with purpose
and effortless determination,
because i only do what my heart
truly desires to do.

my interests include
having crushes on people
i shouldn’t even be looking at,
reading, meditating, taking pictures,
and learning about the laws of the universe
and the science of how thoughts
affect the biology of the body.

you will probably see all of this
splashed across the words i write.

[Credit for all the art pieces and photographs I post goes to whom it is due. I do not claim by any means to own or have created any of them. I am just fascinated by them and the way they have moved me and made sense to me and how, in a way, they depict my poems.]

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