Quarantine Diaries: Day 79

7 June 2020

i’m living the art of enjoying the little things in life; the fleeting moments of serenity and joy in my days..

the timeless noon hours at a café with my book and notebook;

the coldness of iced coffee as it flows down my throat in this humid heat of June;

witnessing the magic of writing: when words materialize in the immaterial world of my mind and find themselves out in the real material world of pen and paper;

brushing away the mockingly judgmental voice in my head as i write with my horrendous handwriting;

the image of myself as a girl sat with the company of her books in the corner of a café;

taking photos that make my days look well-spent;

the momentary pleasure of sending out a tweet;

the cold blow of AC in my car after an hour-long sunset walk — which i refer to as ‘The Walk of Sanity’;

memories rushing into my mind’s eye as i listen to an old playlist;

the smell of hand sanitizer that reminds me of my childhood vacations when my siblings and i would snack on chips in the car during long road trips and would then clean our hands with detol wipes;

the ticking and tacking of my nails on the iPad’s keyboard as i write this..

i think life’s good now. there’s a subtle layer of apprehension in the air, but maybe this is the beginning of a new life.

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