A Blessing in Disguise?

Photos by @wanderwithnada

I’ve been anticipating the indescribable joy that would overfill every heart in the whole nation when they finally tell us the condition of the virus is under control and quarantine is over and we can go out whenever we want to wherever we want with as many friends in the car as we can fit…

You know how when the electricity goes off and it stays dark and hot for a while? We find ourselves gathered in the dark, lighting candles and blowing air with random objects… Just when it’s about to get really frustrating and uncomfortable, the light suddenly comes back. Joy and gratitude envelope every single cell in our bodies and we all feel giddy and smile so big and some of us even hug it out..! Then, with the company of our grateful hearts, we all go back to our rooms and carry on living our evening where we left it.

That’s what I imagine it to be like when the spell of the virus is over and quarantine becomes a distant bittersweet memory — a memory that we still can’t comprehend how we managed to go through without completely losing our sanity!

Light would come back to every house and every mosque and every street and every school and every university and every gym and every restaurant and every mall and every airport; and most importantly, hospitals would finally restore their calm and safety. We would no longer hear multiple ambulance sirens every day…

Those of us that were staying at home for however many weeks will burst out onto the streets with euphoric smiles and laughter; and those of us that were risking their lives to keep us all safe will finally get their rest (and free coffee for the rest of their lives, I hope).

It’s as though God wanted to us truly feel the love that ties us to one another as families and friends; to remind us of the innate solidarity we share with our fellow humans — a kind of solidarity history will brand as new and never seen before. A solidarity that overlooked politics and nationalities and races and religions and preexisting disputes and merely did the most human thing to do: to help.

This crisis has planted in us a newfound appreciation for our planet that we’ve been mistreating for decades. I, for one, foresee unimaginable good coming out of this unforeseen crisis.

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