Countless Possibilities

by Jakkaiser

i see fate for myself in so many things.. so many fleeting moments.. in a coffee shop.. a barista.. between the pages of a book.. a writer.. in a road trip vintage van.. a traveler.. in a mountain cabin in the midst of a land of grass.. a soloist.. in a couple kissing on the escalator.. in love.. in a glass house filled with sunlight and plants.. a creative living a simple, inspired life.. in a small bookstore.. living off fleeting strangers in search of depth and meaning through books.. in a camera.. a person chasing beauty and capturing the Earth and its inhabitants at their best and worst..

i see myself in everything and everyone.. it’s difficult to explain.. it’s like a scent of perfume.. a sniff and you’re in love.. this feeling of grasping that possibility of destiny is as brief and profound as that moment..

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