cold walls
backs turned
a shock of
being a burden
just passing through
to reach for the door
to go home

the house lacked
a sense of homeyness
its people seemed lost, distracted
irritable, unhappy
the paint reeked of sudden outbursts
of anger, seething, burning rage

only one room
had an aroma
of peace and safty and warmth
that i even thought
of how pleasant it would be
to have a meditation session there

it was her room
the girl alive
the girl welcoming the new
the girl receptive to the wild goodness
of this world

she was my friend
we floated and glided from topic to topic
in the most delightful way

that couch we sat on
that blanket covering her legs
and the pillow hugged by my arm
that tranquil, turquoise wallpaper
and the beautiful yellow lamps

those inanimate furniture pieces
came to life and soaked up the beauty
we were experiencing

and it was this
unusual experience in this house
that taught me that
a part of something
can be beautiful
even if the whole of it

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