365 Days of Gratitude: Day 171


i’m grateful for people. fellow humans. intellectuals. spirits. i’m grateful for getting along with each other. for appreciating our differences and embracing our ability to get along regardless. i’m grateful for friends. soul siblings. i’m grateful for catchy music. music that makes your body move. music that silences your mind, erases away all judgments and worries. and specifically iraqi music for me at the moment. the beat just makes my heart’s wings flutter with giddiness. i love it! i’m grateful for the universe. for its innate intelligence. for its truthfulness to reveal to you what and who you are being. i’m grateful for books. for loving my own company and feeling comfortable and confident with myself. i’m grateful for my conscious awareness that erases any judgments i pass on people when i’m not aware of my thoughts. for the forgiveness that comes with it. i’m grateful for the purity of my inner home. for my immunity to guilt and regret. for my meticulous care of keeping myself clean of emotions like that. i truly appreciate that about myself. i love being me. i really love being me. i’m in such a great place in my life at the moment. looking at my life in retrospect, i realize that it only keeps getting better in different ways, improving different aspects every time i fall and rise back up. i’m eternally grateful.

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