A Grateful Morning


i woke up this morning with a summer of gratitude buzzing in my body. it was like the sun was my heart, my organs were sunflowers just looking at my heart with love, and my blood was the wind, swaying the flowers gently and giving them life through their own dance. my eyes couldn’t look up at the ceiling because it blocked the sky, and so they closed and saw the sky right through the roof as if it were glass. the blanket snuggling this garden that is my body as this gratitude brought a sense of utter peace into my whole being. my mind fell completely silent. there was no sound but that of the beat of my heart.

that moment is still alive even after i got off the bed and started my day. and it just dawned on me that after bringing gratitude alive in me every single day for these past two years, it has allowed me as its friend as i held onto it all this time. it loves me as much as i love it. it enjoys me as much as i revel in it. and i couldn’t be more grateful — even though i know i will somehow be tomorrow and the day after and the day after.

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