The Needs of The Soul

by Nirav Patel

i need to start prioritizing myself. especially at night. especially on the days i come back home from traveling. i need to make doing the things that make me feel peaceful my number one priority. i need to make meditation more important than having a meaningless conversation. i need to make silence more “me” than talking. i need to observe my surroundings and watch their effects on my internal world. and i need to instantly correct and customize any programmings that enter my mind through my senses from people and experiences that i encounter in my life. i need to keep my attention in, not out. my ears towards the stillness inside, not the clamor outside. i need to hold my happiness, my worth, my peace, my forgiveness, my confidence, my love, my joy and sadness all in. i need to experience it all by myself. and when there is something that i am guided to share, i share it without losing any part of myself, my tranquility and my joy. i need to not rely on anything or anyone for the things i need in order to live a good life with a peaceful inner home. i need to take responsibility for every single thing that has to do with me and my wellbeing. more silence, more meditation, more connection, more listening, more following my intuition, more loving and forgiving myself and others. more bettering myself so that i can give little pieces of this goodness and peace to everyone i encounter without risking losing sense of it myself.

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