A Full Moon Morning


waking up to a huge beaming moon; an early morning illuminated  enough to look like morning — glorious, peaceful, invigorating; a girl gets off her sheets and stands by the window, pulls the curtains to the sides and stands up to the moon feeling like the luckiest human on Earth to have been able to witness such marvelous, breathtaking beauty; the clock is ticking but existence feels timeless; her schedule pulls her away from the window and takes her to the shower; hot water, mirrors obscured by steam, the moon glistening through the window, gratitude falling from the sky to rush through her veins just like the head of the shower to her skin; feet drying up on the rug, a droplet of water falls from her eyelashes, cold water to her face, eyes white as the moon.

     –  (a piece that raced through my spine from the mere sight of black coffee dancing in my cup and overflowing to its lid as i was rushing to class)


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