A Foggy Morning


last night, i didn’t sleep. it’s 7 in the morning now and i’ve been dreaming with my eyes open, my mind conscious, all night. a daydream through the dark hours of the morning. and i still haven’t awoken yet. maybe i could even call this a trance that grants me the key to enter a day where a dream of mine will manifest. where i will not stop my desire, my vision, from evolving, blooming, being lived, by me, through me.

now i’m in the car. it’s foggy early in the day. it feels like i’m moving through clouds; like i’m in a fairy tale. fog is one of my favorite nature phenomena. (yes, i call everything that astonishes me and fills me with awe and wonder a phenomenon. rainbows, rain, eclipses, the sun and moon themselves.)

i am in bliss as this white encompasses me. i will still remain in bliss as it starts fading and exposing the world around me. maybe nature is obscuring my fears right now. maybe she’s waking me up from that nightmare! i’m sure God has sent her to do this for me today. because i asked Him for a clear, clear sign — a manifestation, a miracle. and now here it is! i knew i had to keep my faith in Him stronger than ever. i knew those thoughts that were getting into my head were not real, not mine. something in me just knew i would make it out of the dark. that the tears were cleansing my soul. they were releasing my pains. and now i feel my body pure, clear, healed — a blank canvas for miraculous manifestations to witness and live through.

oh how i love this life! oh how i love its Creator!

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