A Surge of Gratitude


‘i am so blessed.’

a thought sending a river of words cascading from my consciousness down through my paper.

what i’m about to write right now came to me in the spur of a second. it resembled the descriptions of the moment that people who go through near death experiences speak of. that moment when your whole life plays like a film in front of your eyes; a trail of events from the past and future all taking place in the present. this is what i saw:
i live a life laced with unlimited freedom and prosperity, abundant in love and joy and hope; i’m talented in writing and passionate about photography; i sleep and awaken on creativity and with a curious desire for knowledge; i’m an intellectual buzzing with inspiration all year, everyday, all the time; traveling most every holiday i get; experiencing life through a fit and healthy body; i’ve got a mother for a close friend, and a creative for a best friend; i’m loved, and my work is appreciated by those around me; i’m an ocean of forgiveness that doesn’t close her eyes to sleep before erasing all thoughts and memories that begin with resentment and end with insecurity; i live a life of meaning and purpose, never getting out of bed without clear intention.

all that came to me in a second, a single movement, a fraction of the juncture of time when i was turning on the lights as the sun had drawn her departure for the day. all my face could do was smile as my stomach turned into a sea for those freckles of gratitude to dance and swim through.

and all my brain could fathom to realize was

how blessed out of its faculty to fathom i truly am.

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