Power of Belief

by Jimmy Marble

they talk and talk
silence begins to fall
i say a word
they begin again
i’m dismissed
what i’m about to say
is really short
and really important
something i don’t think
they’ve heard before
but they still talk over me
they still make it all about them
they still know everything in the world
they still don’t need a few wise words
words that i’ve been gifted
from Inspiration herself
it’s like they’re talking to a mirror
if you don’t want me to say anything
just let me know
i’m more than happy to just listen
i already am just listening anyway

by Jimmy Marble

2. Liberated
okay maybe it’s my fault
maybe my subconscious holds a belief
that’s causing me to experience this
i acknowledge that
i take full responsibility for it
and i also forgive myself for believing it
i decide to change it now
i’m valid
and worth listening to
i’m inspired with wisdom
that comes out of my lips
like sweet, sweet water
i’m calm and at ease
communication is easy on my part
expressing myself happens naturally
without any effort or apprehension
my thoughts are always
articulated in the best way
for the sake of whomever i’m talking to
i’m always looking to be of service
be it through a couple meaningful sentences
a smile
or some material that’s more of use
to someone else than it is to me
i am at peace
and so are my affairs
intelligent and effortless
and guided and organized
by a Divine Intelligence
that’s always got my back

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