Paradox of The Mind Towards The Body

by Vivienne B

my stomach’s bloated
about four inches away from my ribs
i don’t look good at all
yet i stare at the mirror
and nothing
but a sense of acceptance permeates my mind
a wave of unconditional love washes over me

so many times in my life
i’ve beaten myself up
for looking way better than i do right now
for being way leaner and lighter than i am right now
have a look at me now
and notice the softness around my eyes
see the compassion in the skin of my face
sense the contentment that laces my limbs
the deep love that floods my chest
the surrender in the way i blink
the acceptance in the thoughts i think

it’s very shocking to me
that i could love myself
when my body’s at its worst
and how i’m sometimes unable to feel that love
when it’s healthy and looking good
(just not good enough, not like theirs)

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