i wake up and i find a text on my phone:
‘wake up let’s go out for breakfast!’
my initial plan to spend the entire day on my own is cancelled. i get dressed and we find ourselves in the car, blissed with music from an album we call ours now.

she smiles as i get into the car and my heart flutters at the sight of such a beautiful face. i don’t say what i think. because i can’t. i just smile and save my thoughts to spill on paper later.


deep conversations effortlessly sail through the morning. new thoughts and perspectives pervade our minds as our lips speak words we’ve never spoken out loud before.


i believe there’s an ocean that dictates where a conversation goes. sometimes it stays by the shore; sometimes it goes in but stays on the surface, shallow, you just float; and sometimes it goes far and sinks low and you find yourselves inside this ocean, diving in as secrets bubble through your lips and finally convert the water in your lungs to pleasant pure air.

we go deep. sometimes we stay on the surface for a while, but our eyes are always deeper than our words.


i love people like her. i love how this beautiful friendship dove from mistrust and misunderstanding to pure love and trust and freedom to say whatever we’re thinking and feeling.

i love the enthusiasm i see in her eyes when i come up with an idea. no matter how silly or seemingly impossible, she’s always looking at me with interest and awe. i love that. it makes me feel how truly free i am to believe the wild things that i dream about.


i love the genuine interest she holds whenever i say something, especially when she asks me about my opinions or my past, my dreams or my fears.

i love the ease, the dance, of our movement. i tried to explain this sensation to her, bun then i thought i better write it, make a poem out of it. but even though i failed at composing the words to describe it, she got it. through my stutters and ‘i don’t know’s, she knew.


the sense of adventure that laces the fact that
we’re both on holiday when most people are in schools and jobs. the sense of inspiration and desire for creativity that manifests itself as various little projects and photographs and poems. we’re both buzzing with life! i love it.

we’ve got a mutual passion for exploring new places. and more frequently than not, we find our lips held agape in astonishment of the beautifully designed spaces and art galleries and cafés that we go to. you find us with our eyes closed in bliss as the flavors of new foods glide their way down our throats. we just never fail to have the most blissful and unforgettable moments every time we’re together.


we are two souls buzzing with life.

i sense more abundance and adventure coming our way.

i can’t wait to live more wonderful moments with you.

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