Live Souls

i have a friend
that when i’m with
i feel myself being
the person i aspire to be
i feel inspired and therefore
able to inspire
i feel free and alive and in love
with life
we go to the most beautiful places
and when we encounter something
not so beautiful
we make art out of it
we bring out the light
that’s at the very core of it
by looking at it through eyes
that can only see goodness and nothing else

i feel more alive
i sense she feels more alive too;
we make this earth our sky
and we let our souls shine
like the stars

and that, i think,
is a very brave thing to do;
to allow yourself to be vulnerable
and touched by something outside of you
and not to hesitate for a moment
to show it

today i have realized
that going out with someone
that makes you see the beauty in the world
is psychologically better than therapy —
so much better than talking.
just looking,
in silence and awe,
puts you in a realm of peace
and in contact with the divine
soul that is who you truly are.

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