When Anger Explodes in Rage

by Elena Oganesyan

i don’t know what possesses me in those moments

i’m not myself at all

my mind is blank

my chest’s boiling

hands and fingers aching

my mouth yells venom

words i had no idea existed in me

i destroy Them as i dig myself deeper into my misery

the storm ceases

doors slam shut

hearts shattered

tears filling the ground

i fall

the lights are back in my head

what have i done?

why did i say those things?

who am i?!

Regret comes rushing

i am Guilt’s home

it lives in the cells of all my organs

Rage is its best friend

it fuels off my blood

and lets its energy out through my mouth

and i am convinced i am not a slave nor a victim

because it is my fault

i cultivated an environment for those creatures

to make their homes in

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