It Always Ends This Way

via Pinterest

i miss wanting you
daydreaming about us
till night falls and my body
withers to my bed all alone
with a hopeless desire
playing on repeat
like a memory
in my mind

i miss having you
as my relief
my home
from myself
yet the thing
that links me
back to me
anchors me
to this Earth
and gives me
reason to breathe

i miss writing
about you
for hours into the night
that i lose sense of everything
but you, your details, your ethereality

but i’m so dead now
not even your fantasies
could bring me back to life

you don’t even make
me pour anymore

you’re just like the rest

i fall for you
years pass
i still find myself
on the ground

all alone

with a sea of paper
filled with worthless words
(whose oxygen
was your existence
entwined with this
desperation for you
in my heart)

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