Café Girl

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she was the kind of girl
that you lost yourself
just looking at

she makes work
look like a garden
of creativity
blooming to life
as she sips her coffee
and her humming
echoes and then fades
into the cup

she splits her hair
into two braids
to the sides

she looks ridiculous
but the sound of her laugh
echoes in your soul for days

she wakes
at the rise of sun
too excited about
this idea that blissed
her mind the night before
as she was snuggled to sleep

she goes to cafés
and stays for so long
engrossed in bringing
that idea to life
eventually realizing
that she’s already
drank three cappuccinos

she was the kind of person
whose place was empty
in your life
you really, really needed
a person like her
to fill the void
and take your eyes off
the distress of the impossible
and put it on
the bliss of the countless possibilities

so you move your table closer
a bit intimidated by her face
focused on the page
like her whole life
depended on it

you catch her
as she raises her head to stretch

she sees you
her smile holds
your eyes in awe
your breath in the air

(it’s not just her lips that are smiling
you can sense her whole body buzzing with life)

so you speak
you say hello
she says she likes
your glasses,
what book are you reading?

and a conversation
as deep as the oceans
and as engrossing as the forests
and as timeless as the deserts
swamps your mind off your tiny world
as you rise and find your soul
in a place you’ve never been

you experience
the unexpected, the ineffable
and this girl turns out to be the sun
to your earth that you did not even know
was dark and desolate and needed such light

– (the girl i wish i were to you)

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