A Child of Her Dreams

by Helena Barker

she turned her head to the window, sipping her coffee with her pinky holding the page on her book as her mind drifted to those old dreams that she let their words steal from her. the bitterness of the coffee slides down her throat and triggers a strong urge to take back what she gave away. she imagines a domino effect sending all that’s needed to fall into place to fall into perfection for her visions to come to life. a smile lights up her face as she envisions their faces as their words very glamorously return back into their lovely little ignorant mouths. she’s living for her heart — not for how she looks through judgmental eyes from the outside anymore. she jumps and starts doing the first thing that comes to her.

– (that woman had a child in her so alive that nothing else mattered but the bringing to life of its dreams. and so just like those movies came about in her mind, they began manifesting in her life, for she believed in them with every ounce of her being — especially when adversity tried to crash her to the bone with each failed attempt)

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