Time ON


they ask me about university
i say i’m not going right now

their eyes widen
sometimes their hand
even goes to their lips

‘yeah i’m living my life a little.’

‘but what about your education?
you’re gonna be so late!
don’t you want to get it over with?!’

why are we so caught up on time?
why do we care so much about
what others say about us?
why on earth are we so concerned
about the future when all we have
is right now?
and why, just why, has learning
become something so uninteresting
that we would want to end it
as soon as we can?

i don’t understand why
i should mute my heart
to look normal to the public

i don’t understand why
listening to our hearts
and prioritizing our peace
gives us strange stares
when we talk about
what we’re doing

can’t you see the joy in my eyes?
can’t you sense the lightness i feel?
can’t you hear the freedom and peace i’m in
when my words reach your ears?

yes, i’m not in uni right now
i might not be for the whole year
and that’s okay!

i’m realizing my dreams
i’m doing something new
maybe i’m opening new doors
for those untethered souls like me
that are here to live by their own rules

before you do anything
ask yourself who you’re doing it for
ask your heart if it will bring you more joy
ask your lungs if they will be able to breathe more freely

if the answers are no,
then the decision is made for you

now ask your soul:
what do i really, really need right now?

that’s how i’m here
that’s where i got the courage
to do something different
and that’s where you’ll find all the answers
you’ve been dying to hear

it’s all within


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