To Live and Let Live

by Kaitlyn Page

i am a force of life that is alive to live

i’m not here to be a slave to society’s
peculiar expectations of me

no one knows me
more than i do
no one knows what’s good for me
more that i do
no one knows the best way for me to live
more than i do

you’re not the one that’s living in this body
so take back your obnoxious audacity
that makes you think you have a right
or a say over how i should live my life
and let me make my own decisions
for my own self

we are beings
created for the sole purpose
of joy and expansion

the basis of our existence

so let’s let each other BE
just as we desire to be

instead of creating conflict,
demanding for control that isn’t ours to have,
and stirring discord and misconception

let’s lace our lives
with harmony
and peace

and embrace the Earth
with the love that each creature on it
is made of

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