The Alley

a narrow alley
i looked up
at the sky
and in a
split second
an epiphany
ignited in me

‘the more
love i give
the more
i’ll receive’

‘the more
i write
the more
my papers
will fill’

‘the longer
i linger
in nature
the more
i’ll be
to you’

the wind blew
a gust of air
into my

as the clouds
above me
glided into
a smile

it was
the beginning of
something new
something magical
even mystical

a new life
was gifted to me

a journey
of self-discovery
was about
to embark

months later now
and mindfulness
has become
the oxygen
i breathe

i’ve found
my true Self
and ecstasy
has become
my natural


– (barcelona whispers)

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