by Daliah Ammar

you write and write and write
yet it never feels enough
you never feel fully finished
so you keep on looking
searching through those
dictionaries trying to find
the words that could describe
this avalanche in your heart
and this thunder booming
and crashing inside that deep cave
that is your mind
you are fighting
but it feels like you’re never winning
you get defeated day after day
blood seeps from your skin night after night
tears remain dry under your eyes week after week
it’s all the same month after month
another year is coming to an end
and this misery still resides between your veins
you start feeling weak and worthless
till the thunder deafens your ears for days on end
and the oceans rise and break your fragile limbs
you’ve completely gone under
your breaths left in the air to wander
your soul finally finds its peaceful slumber

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