This Love is Your Home

by Caitlin Shearer

you loved me like you loved the sky
and you only loved the sky when
it was blue, cloudy, and pouring
little drops of life unto you.

you only loved me when
i was happy, laughing,
and giving you kisses
everywhere your skin
craved my touch,
your lips craved my lips,
and your legs longed
to tangle themselves
around mine.

you didn’t love me when
i was sad, crying, longing
for your hands to hold mine
and arms to wrap me into
your safe chest away from
the cold pain.

you left me and now you’re
complaining about how dark
and stormy the sky is,
how sudden its lightning
strikes at night scaring
you off your bed, crying,
desperately longing for
the safety of my chest
as my fingers fiddle with your hair
till you drift to a dreamless sleep.

you miss me and you’re
scared of coming back,
asking me to forgive you.
you want me so bad that
your days have been slow
and painful ever since you left us.

only you don’t know how desperate
i am to hear my door bell ring deep into
the night to find you standing in your
wet clothes and bloodshot eyes
waiting for me to welcome you back
into my life—our life—and hold you
every second of every day,
kiss you everywhere and all the time.

(come back,
you’ve long
been forgiven)

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