Consumed Consumers

via Pinterest

what is my life really
without all these different
forms of social network?
who am i really
without all these external

would i still be the same
person i am right now?
would my life have more
meaning than comparing
myself to others and wishing
for trivial things that don’t really
make up my worth?
how well would my mind work?
how tender, accepting and loving
would my heart be?

i want to get out of this prison
of comparison and this feeling
of living life purposelessly.
i want to reach away from this
madness that won’t stop nagging
my mind to look a certain way,
be a certain way, do a certain thing.
i want to shut my eyes and
deafen my ears and travel
to a realm where all these
tangible things don’t matter;
where they don’t represent me
as a person of innate, unconditional
value and worth.

this is a cage to a soul created
to live joyous and free.
this is a slaughter of the lively wings
of a bird craving to flee.
this is a shattering of a dream that
was meant to be.

i was born to live,
i was born to fly,
i was born to dream;
but this huge life has
withered to being nothing
but a painfully polyphonic song
playing on repeat all day and night,
infesting my thoughts,
gripping my heart,
haunting my soul.

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