Larger Than Your Mind Can Grasp

via Pinterest

You may be a small little vessel
A tiny little voice
With energy vibrating its thoughts
And wishes and fears into this
Tiny little planet called Earth
But really,
You are way bigger than you think
You are a soul,
A spirit with abilities as vast as the sky
There are countless possibilities
For you and your life
That are roaming like little
Atoms in the galaxies
Just existing there for you

You are big, you have worth, you have purpose
So don’t you dare allow your Self be taken away from you
Your dreams are not only wishful scenarios
They are actual existing realities that you
Live when your vibes align with theirs
So keep on dreaming
Oh never stop visualizing
Run the marathon
Remembering it’s not a race
For in the end,
You will reach the finish line
And it won’t matter how
Late you may be

So enjoy the journey;
It’s not just the appetizer before the meal—
The journey is the meal

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