Slowly Rising (A Collection)

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It’s easy to feel
Lonely and small
In a room
Where every corner
You turn is a firm wall.
And it’s even easier
To feel lost, useless,
Hopeless and worthless
in a world that is smaller than
Your dreams,
Yet is filled with
Boundaries and
Locked doors..

by Dimitra Milan

I want to die
as soon as
I feel I’m living
my dreams.
I want to die
as soon as
I say ‘I’ve made it’.
I want to die
with my heart
fulfilled and
mind satisfied.
I want happiness
to stun and crush me
ever so beautifully..

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‘Secretly Silently Scarred’
isn’t it scary how we
freely express our
fears and vulnerabilities
to the whole world
through different forms
of art, yet most of us are
way too scared to even
open up or hug the ones
that truly love and care about us
and ask for help when we need it..?

by Ibrahem Swaid (saint-max) | via

‘My Soul Speaks to My Body’
this love i feel
for you today
is enough to
cover your shivering
limbs in those
dull winter nights.
and that’s only today,
i wonder how much
bigger this love will be tomorrow
and the day after and
the day after that too.

i will carry this precious love
even if it gets too heavy to bear.
i will be your blanket,
i will be your protection,
i will be the one that holds
you in the night when it
gets too difficult to sleep.

by Hsiao-Ron Cheng

i love you so much.
so unimaginably much,
that there’s no words in
this vast universe of metaphors
that could describe this
boundlessly expanding galaxy
that’s in me for you.

by AnaSantos

‘Not Damaged’
this bleeding heart of mine
is never stopping.
i could pour oceans
and destroy typewriters,
it will keep on falling like a waterfall,
pouring like thunder.

i am a hurricane,
i am an avalanche;
i am every natural
disaster ever befallen
this earth.

by Alexandra Levasseur

‘When Crazy Speaks’
there is a gift in each wound
i carve on my skin.

i can press on my deep scars
and stop the bleeding in my lungs,
numb the agony in my heart.

destruction to the body is not always lethal,
it can be an alleviating remedy at times.

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