Ignorant Heart

by Danny O’Connor

god damn this stubborn heart
for loving her and not you

god damn this shallow heart
for loving her body even more than her

god damn this ignorant heart
that never knew love
until i met you and saw
the courage, the purity, the sincerity
of your loyal heart, your innocent eyes

i terribly, pleadingly wished
for this lonely heart of mine
to marvelously, faithfully, eternally
entwine with yours

i wished and wished and wished
like a fish out of the ocean
suffocating in air, begging for water

that’s exactly how it felt;
i was drowning in an ocean
and no air, no love, no You
was there to save my burning lungs
and pump my heart back to life

my existence is futile without this love;
this love that would have saved me
before water engulfed me whole,
sending me devoid of life,
barely talking, hardly moving,
just breathing like a helpless broken machine

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