A Silent Love’s Sweet Tragedy

via Pinterest

she’s a fire
her flames blaze
and burn our gazing eyes

her fierce light beams
to ignite his shrinking pupils

his eyes betray his shallow astonishment
as they instantly close—
too weak for such breathtaking beauty

he looks away

he stops
he gives up
he lets her go

i don’t

my eyes have been
blind to all else but this girl
and now they’re bleeding
but i can’t stop looking, i won’t stop looking

i’m hurting
but this is the most beautiful pain
for she is the most precious love
to ever pump my lonely heart

i’ll keep looking,
even if the fire
catches me asphyxiated
and withers my skin and lungs

i’ll keep wanting,
even if the yearning,
with its fangs,
chews my heart to pieces

i’ll keep loving,
even if the waiting,
with its claws,
scratches at every inch of me

i’ll keep loving,
even if the hopelessness
engulfs me to suffocation

i’ll keep loving,
even if she keeps loving
someone else and then someone else again

she’s worth it
she’s so worth it

she’s worth everything

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