My Own Little Life

via Pinterest

I want to fly this car door open
And run as fast as I can
I want to change my name
And start as a new person
I want to catch the first flight
And end up in a land I’ve never heard of
I want to dye my hair
And start wearing what I want
I want to carry my bed in a bag
And travel the world with my camera
I want to meet new people
And share my passions and ideas
I want to wear no color but white
And be a light to someone’s day
I want to write letters
And send them to strangers
I want to talk to people in the street
And listen to their stories
I want to throw a picnic
And invite strangers to share some grapes
I want to set a lemonade stand
And make jokes with people and laugh all day
I want to play with kids in playgrounds
And show them how easy it is to be kind
I want to own a little home with a friend
And have it be proof that dreams do come true
I want to paint it pink on the outside
And white on the inside
I want to wear old jeans and aprons
And paint the walls while listening to music
I want to stay late at night
And share our fears and hopes with the lights off
I want to fight over silly things
And make each other pancakes the next morning
I want to walk around in underwear
And make fun of each others’ birthmarks
I want to take long, warm baths with flowers
And talk about how our days went
I want to dance to loud music
When we’re too angry to cry
I want to climb up rooftops
And scream till our voices are gone
I want to be able to cry when we feel like it
And hold one another till it gets too funny to cry
I want to sing at the top of our lungs
With the wind blowing our hair
I want to write and read
And have a little library of my own
I want to rent a pink van
And take spontaneous trips with interesting people
I want to stop in the streets
And take pictures of each other
I want to share a blanket
And be held when I can’t sleep at night
I want to lie by the shore
And look at the stars of the midnight sky

I want to start a whole new life
Forget the past and even the future too
Just live every moment for its wholeness and perfection
Feel grateful for my wellbeing
And carry on living my dreams

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