A Collection of Sad Poetry

The Darkness

via Pinterest

There’s a darkness inside of me
Thick and opaque
Heavy and everlasting
Pushing happiness away
Clouding all the good that’s ever been
I can’t even see myself anymore
And I’m not sure that’s a bad thing now..


by Jess Whitehead | via Pinterest

Perhaps we get attached to our pain
For the safety it covers us with..
It takes away our real identities and
Dresses us as dolls with ropes
Attached to our bones,
Wires wired into our brains
And shattered glass fragments
Poked deep into our hearts..
We become this sadness, this demon
We see in the dark and next to our
Silhouettes as the sun sorrowfully sets..
Our names change, somedays we’re nameless..
We crave self-destruction from all the madness..
We’re laced with weakness and in constant fear,
It steals away our hope, we have no more fuel
For new dreams..
We become shadows of our old selves
Screaming in empty spaces with no one
To hear our weary echoes..
We become the empty walls we’re facing,
Stuck in the stiff mattresses of our broken beds;
Completely numb, just bodies lain lifeless..

We become our sickness and blame it for
All our problems..

Counting To Keep You Alive In Me

by Inga Ivanova | via Pinterest

My days are nameless now
Time of day is no longer
It’s just the number of days
It’s been since you’ve left
Is what controls my days
No matter if it was morning
Or night..
I am fully consumed by
These strange feelings
Every single sunrise
The number increases..

The Pain That Never Ceases to Fuel My Words

by KwangHo Shin

I think
The pain gets too big,
It spreads everywhere
You can’t even feel it anymore

It digs its own home in everything,
Till your whole entire world
Is nothing but pain, pain, pain

Soul Stained With Misery

by Henrietta Harris

don’t let my colorful clothes,
my constant sincere smiles,
my talk of dreams and desires
fool you.
i am a whole other universe;
my oceans are made of tears,
my mountains are heavy with lost dreams,
my forests and rivers are rained on by sadness
all year round..
it is not a beautiful place to be;
not a beautiful place at all.


via Pinterest

you become too addicted
too sick
it sits like a heavy veil on your head
till you forget who you are without it
who you were and whom you could be
it completely possesses you
diminishes you
till you’re only a ghost living under the shadows
of your would’ve could’ve should’ve beens

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