We See That Which We Believe

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they taught us
that the weight
of mountains
holds the earth
in place
so we don’t feel
its constant rotation.

i spent years

how do trees
grow out of
the hard rock
of the mountains?

how does beauty,
and euphoria
rise from such
rough, strong,
undying creatures?

they taught us
that the strong
doesn’t show
just bravery,
rage, and

but nature shows
the strong can’t
exist without
the weak,
can’t disguise
can’t shine
and that glorious
rainbows can’t glide
without a little rain.


we have senses,
we have thoughts;
we draw conclusions
and make things more
real than they might be.

we have emotions
that are our guides
to the true sounds—
sometimes desperate screams—
of our souls.

we can’t blame what
we were taught to
believe for how
we see the world
based on these untrue
beliefs we accepted
in our minds.

we have the faculty
to bring out the
truth in an ocean of
lies and passed-on beliefs;
and it was never not our
choice to believe what
we believe today—
which is a cause
to the destruction,
poverty and cruelty
in our planet
in this time.

i’m not talking about
the miraculous trees
that grow out of rock
i’m talking about the
beliefs that we, on our own,
consciously and unconsciously
placed in our heads,
and how we have the
power to annihilate every
damaging seed planted
in the garden of our minds
by consciously teaching
ourselves to believe
what we want to see
reflected in our personal
worlds so that our overall public
world naturally takes a conscious,
deliberate turn to the better too.

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