A Letter To All The Little Dreamers Out There

by Rob Gonsalves | via Pinterest

Be open and grateful to change.
Learn to accept it and not fear it.
Nothing in life ever stays the same;
Not your mindset,
Your body,
Your relationships,
Nor your perspective.
It all changes and evolves
As you grow and acquire more.
Never let others’ opinions or standards
Ever belittle your own or degrade your worth.
Know your value, know your place, know that
You are living underneath a sky so high that
There are no limits stopping you from living
Your dreams no matter how impossible they
May seem to others or even yourself.

Be specific with what you want.
It can be a million things.
You just ask the universe, the Laws, the Lord,
And leave your voice echo in the air.
For there is a huge Power that you don’t see,
A power that you can only feel in your soul
Like a blow of pure air filling you from the inside.
It is your spirit in connection
With The Greater Power,
Your Higher Self,
Your Being,

So ask and pray,
Desire and command.
For all your
Wishes and desires
Are very tiny molecules
In the galaxies waiting
For you to open your Doors,
Your Soul, and
Accept them with
A spirit of utter allowing, joy and gratitude.

I wrote this when I was still in that rut of misery I suffered from. I don’t know where these words came from and how they effortlessly flew through me into these letters. I don’t know how on earth I, in that state of sadness and instability, was open and allowing to receive such a wise flow of precious inspiration. I don’t remember how my mental state was in that particular day, but I’m now certain it must have been the start of my journey in self-awareness, gratitude, and conscious thinking.. I’m just astonished at how blessed I am for all the unfoldments that glided through my life like every single thing that happened to me was perfectly planned to teach me something and not just be a painful, purposeless means to an end. This is the perfection of God and His universe..

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