Doomed Unrequited

via DeviantArt

my fingers are screaming,
desperate to touch her.

my eyes are itching,
i can’t look at her.

my arms are stretching,
i’m pulling them back,
i can’t hold her.

my lips so hungry,
my limbs ravenous,
i want her all over me.

but i can’t;
it’s impossible.
i’m endlessly crazy for her,
but she loves a boy
that’s of her unworthy;
and i know love,
even unrequited,
always wins.

her heart will carry on
beating for him,
and mine bleeding for her.

we’ll hide our pain
and pretend we’re alright;
we’ll hold our bodies back
and turn our heads around;
we’ll sit drenched wet in the same
wooden chair under the gloom
of a perpetually raining sky;
we’ll cry under the same starless,
moonless sky every night;
we’ll fall for another’s arms
for the need to feel loved;
and we’ll always have misery
in common.

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