My Piece of The Universe

via Pinterest

i would love to apologize to my body — in fact, i feel the need to apologize to my body for all the abuse and hatred i’ve continuously drowned it in.

but, honestly, my body—my whole being—is not in any more need of even more burdensome ounces of the smotheringly sorrowful, conflicting feelings of guilt and regret.

and it took me what felt like eons to realize this!

i have acknowledged the wrongs i’ve done. i have understood and am facing the consequences of the destructive, enduring harm i have repeatedly, deliberately inflicted upon this body,

and now
i will lace myself
with love;
i will saturate every cell in my body
with forgiveness
instead of damaging, meaningless guilt;
i will see the scars on my skin
as the crossroads to a happier,
more fulfilling life;
and i will learn to thrive
in a state of utter joy and bliss,
regardless of the remorseful, triggering
deep slashes on the surface of my skin.

this will be my way of making up for this wonderful piece of the universe which i have been lovingly gifted to grant me the experience of my adventure on this universe in this physical plane.

and in forgiveness and gratitude
shall i live every moment my body thrivingly breathes.

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