Little Letters: February 2017


I found myself writing these letters as soon as I read them on one of my favorite blogs,
Thanks so much to Kristin of Taz + Belly for this brilliant idea. She’s hosting this little letter linkup on the second Friday of every month, and I thought I would like to join..


Dear Mug,
first of all, thank you for looking so chic. i thank you so much for holding my coffee and keeping it warm as i drink it. i love drinking through you because you’re structured just as thin as i like my cups to be. also, the cute little tree branch and flowers and cheetah you have drawn on you are really really cute.

Dear Laptop,
oh god, thank the lord for sending you as an idea in someone’s mind and then giving them the courage and burning desire to invent you and bring you into formation on this physical world. i am so profoundly grateful for all the things you give me the opportunity to do. i thank you for holding my thoughts and poems, my pictures and projects, my secrets and ideas. i thank you for being the brilliant tool for me to create my little journals and books. i thank you SO much for your perfect, smooth keyboard that allows me to type out my essays for school. i thank you for being a perfectly-sized screen to view my favorite shows. i thank you so much for allowing me to connect with other people and to share my thoughts and find other people’s brilliant ideas. thank you, thank you, thank you.


Dear Future Lover,
thank you for existing in the same lifetime as i am.


Dear Bedroom,
thank you for yielding me your space. thank you for holding my bed, my clothes, my books, my thoughts. thank you for being my own perfect little secluded safe haven. i love sleeping here. i love spending my days here. and most of all, i love the relief i get washed with as i unlock the door back to you when i get home from school. you, a tiny little piece of this enormous universe, are the perfect space to hold me, belong to me. so thank you. thank you for hearing my cries; for being my solid ground when i dance; for holding my embarrassing secrets as well as my deeply sorrowful ones. thank you for always being there for me. thank you for staying the same just as i’ve left you every time i return back to you. thank you for endlessly welcoming me. thank you for being my canvas and allowing me to morph you just the way i want. thank you for the comfort, support, and sense of belonging that you provide me. thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dear Body,
i cannot thank you enough.
i cannot be grateful for you enough.
for every second you breathe,
my gratitude also breathes; it expands.
so thank you for the breath of this second… and this second… and this second… and all the coming breaths and seconds.
simply and sincerely, thank you for being my vessel carrying me through my wonderfully physical adventure.

Dear Pens and Paper,
first, you came from nature which is God’s divine creation, then you were morphed by man into what you are now, and then you earnestly yield yourself to whatever comes up in man’s mind.
thank you for holding our ideas, our thoughts, our secrets, our plans, our arts. thank you for carrying our endlessly spilling ink. and thank you, ink, for spilling yourself perfectly just as we please. thank you both for entwining to allow humanity to keep channelling their creativity. thank you so very much.


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