I Can’t Title This

you catch a glimpse of me,
and then you fully swirl back;
you smile.

you smile like you’re smiling just for me;
like i’m the only person existing on this universe
in this precise juncture of time.

you smile at me so specially and sincerely,
my heart stops and starts beating again
so pleasantly, melodiously, rhythmically fast,
that every single cell in my body rejuvenates
and turns into a diamond radiantly sparkling inside me,
that the light starts reflecting and glowing on
my face
as goosebumps run races through every inch
of my skin.

you smile at me like your smile is just another smile;
like it’s only another pearl in a sea of precious pearls.

you don’t know that your smile is nothing like anything
that’s ever existed on this planet.
you don’t know that your smile is oxygen
that my body didn’t know it needed
until i saw it, felt it, inhaled it.
you don’t know that referring to the masterpiece
that glided on that ethereal face of yours
‘a smile’ is the most painfully shallow understatement
i’ve ever come across.


and then,
a few minutes
after my universe exploded
and my body vanished into a land
i cannot possibly describe in alphabets,
your sister comes and hugs me,
she kisses my cheek thrice,

and all i could think of was
how much i wish she was you..

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