by Tomasz Mrozkiewicz | via DeviantArt.com

i wonder what is the reason that makes every human on this earth that gets off bed in the morning get off the bed every morning..

the answer is probably different for every soul.

but, my question is: is the thing that gives us the tenacity to wake up and get through the the day on our bad days the same thing that gets us up on our good days? does it have the same power as the reason that makes us want to start our days in our pleasant, lively days? or are they the same thing? the same exact reason, passion—perhaps hidden, unknown reason—that walks our feet through the day on our bad and good days..?

is it the thing we’ve always loved doing, even if we’re too far from doing it in the present phase of our lives? is it ardency, love, inspiration, passion, a burning desire that we’ve let the sorrows and stresses of life overshadow?

and if it is… lets mull over how strong it truly is. how its potent light still shines bright enough through our sorrows and leads us through until we finally open our eyes and hearts wide enough to see and hear it. it’s there. your purpose is here. your life has a meaning even if it feels absolutely meaningless. it ought to. a life can’t be lived, a soul can’t exist without a purpose. and a purpose’s sole purpose is to be found and lived by its individual. so dive in and dive deep. look. search. even if it takes years. you will find it. for it’s endlessly waiting for you in absolute and utter admiration to shower you with the joy that you’ve always deserved; the joy that was always present in your life; the joy that was always yours to feel.

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