468 days later.

by Chiara Aime | via DeviantArt.com


and here comes the day where i allow you to go.. all i have in me is great love for you. i am filled with forgiveness and gratitude. i allow you to be just as you are, and i allow myself to let you be just as you are. my immense love for you and for myself and for life is filling my heart every time i get the demanding emotions of longing and yearning for you. i won’t sulk, dwell, or drown; i will rise, feel, and fly. i will love you pleasantly more than i will miss you grievingly. you are no longer pain to me; no longer an angry, sorrowful memory. you are Love; you are Freedom and Fulfillment and Forgiveness. and you feel oh so pleasant to my heart. i am in love with this love for you, my dearest, dearest sister. and i promise you i’ll never deprive myself from feeling it.

i will remain awaiting our reunion in anticipation and knowing, and

until then,

this unshakeable hope will hold me on.

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