In a Sense, I Am You

by Elena Ballarin (tsuyachan) | via

I am not my body
I am not my face
I am not the way I walk
Or stand
Or dress.

My smile may illuminate your heart
My laugh may radiate my glow
My eyes may be the most beautiful
thing you’ve seen
My personality may expose the
mess I have in my head

But I am none of those features and characteristics
I am not my physical appearance nor
My mental instability

What you see is just a vessel;
A broken vessel

I could never represent nor express myself
As accurately as the truth that is in my
Heart and mind

I am a soul
I am a living soul with desires, wishes, and dreams

I am a force
A force driven by will, strength and devotion

I am love
An unconditional love for the life I wish I could change

I am more
I am more than I could ever appear

So don’t look at me and make your judgments
Don’t look at me at all if thats your intention

For if you ever wish to see me,
Perceive me the way you wish you were seen

Look at me through the depth of my eyes,
Through what I say when I’m in tears

Look at me through my fears,
Through what I’d rather do than face them

Look at me through my interests,
Through my influencers and inspirations

Look at me through my favorite places,
Through the books I read and music I enjoy

Look at me through my poetry;
What I think in the middle of the night
when sleep feels too far away from my reach

Look at me through my intentions;
Don’t misunderstand me, for that only
uncovers your own fears and faults

Look at me through yourself;
Through what your eyes see in me
and the way I make you feel

And then..
Then you will find pieces of yourself,
While trying to figure mine out.

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