Soul vs. Body

by Erica Dal Maso | via

I get off the bed every morning.
I wash up and get myself ready.
I go to school and chat with friends.
I participate in class and laugh at my wrong answers.
I go out and smile at strangers.
I travel and learn foreign phrases.
I dress up somedays and down other days.
I put on lipstick and spend time with my cousins on special occasions.
I say hello to my grandparents and sit next to them.
I smile and kiss my parents good morning & good night.
I take pictures and admire the beauty of nature.
I sit under the sun and listen to songs in languages I don’t speak.

I am walking and breathing.
And I do have the energy to do things.
But, believe me, doing things is something
And thinking and feeling is something else.
For my emotions are in constant opposition
With what I’m physically doing
And it’s killing me inside..

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