A Letter I’ll Never Dare To Send Her

by Veronika Vajdová (Weroni) | via DeviantArt.com

It took me
One glance to think of you nonstop
A few days to fall in love with you
Eight months to give up on you

I sat close to you in every art class
I chose you in every football game
I ran after you in every hide and seek
I splashed you with water every unforgettable water fight

You were all I ever thought about
You were the only one I wanted to impress
You were everything I possibly wished for

You gave me butterflies
You gave me sleepless nights
You gave me a restless mind in love

To me
You were a priceless diamond
You were the most interesting mystery
You were simply the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen

I would run to my friends and jump
of excitement every time you’d hug me or
give me a high five
My stomach would lurch and my face flush
every time you entered the room
My whole body would buzz and my eyes
sparkle every time I talked about you
to my friends

I always wanted to make you laugh
Every time I had the opportunity
To make a joke
I made sure you heard it
And you always did
You always laughed
Gave me a little high five

I waited for you in the mornings
And on the days you didn’t come to school
I always had hope that maybe you’re just late

It’s years later now,
And I still think of you sometimes
I wonder where you are and what you’re doing
I wonder if there’s someone else that feels
This way about you
Or if you’re feeling for someone else perhaps

I still value my little love interest in you
Even though it didn’t last and you never
Knew about it

And I could never forget the happiness I felt
And the joyous high you put me in
On my fourteenth birthday
When you hugged me several times
And made every time feel so different;
Like you were hugging me for the first time..

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