Wanderer By Day, Melancholic By Night

by Agnes Cecile | via DeviantArt.com

{1230 pm}
Lively effervescence, sincere smiles
Self-help books, positive thoughts
Tranquil voice, effortless walk
Sparkling eyes, flashing teeth
Playful in the sun, hopeful in the dark
Praying in the rain, admiring the grey blue clouds
Climbing mountains, admiring the purple between the green
Taking deep breaths, closing my eyes in bliss
Taking pictures, expressing my awe

This is me traveling
I want to spend my life wandering

{1255 pm}
I want to continue this poem with the truth of what I’m thinking and feeling while doing these things but I am unsure where I should put ‘wishing to be dead’ because I am basically always, deep down in my heart and far back in my brain, wishing I was dead no matter where I am, what I’m doing, or who I’m with.

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