The Truth

by Alex Aasen | via

I never was
One of you,
Was I?
I never was
A part of you,
Was I?
Anything like you,
Am I?
It was all just
A lie we fed
Until we’ve fully
Believed it,
Wasn’t it?
I’ve always been
The outcast,
Haven’t I?
This lie only fed
More lies until I
Became something
So far away from who
I was and it was
About time I realized
The truth,
Wasn’t it?

And I have.
Today, I know
The truth.
I’m so far away
From this world
And the people
In it.
I am someone,
Something, that
Doesn’t belong
Anywhere at all.
And you no more
Need to feed me
Your manipulative
Lies for false comfort.
I have discovered
The truth and
I have chosen to
Forgot the lies.
I am completely
New now.

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