Each Minute I’m Something, Somewhere Different

by Chiara Aime | via DeviantArt.com

My heart is torn into a hundred pieces;
My head’s roaming in rapid paces,
Laying me in frightening places.

One minute
I’m bent down, crying over you
The next
I’m stood up, burning with anger
Another minute
I’m desperate and confused
The next
I’m caught in a fist of emotionlessness

One minute
I’m deeply madly MISSING you!
The next
I’m in terror of witnessing it all over again
Another minute
I’m kicking, punching and screaming
The next
I’m washed over with euphoria

One minute
I’m smiling and laughing with my family
The next
I’m detached and suffering in dullness


It is so difficult being
A human stuck in
Their own head
All the time.

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