A Love So Big, So Huge

by Cora and Tiana | via DeviantArt.com

She was my piece of art.

I wrote poem after poem about her.
I wrote so slowly,
breathed in every letter;
trying to comprehend the
true meaning of every word.

I wanted so bad to choose
the right words to describe
my feelings for her,
the overwhelming love I’d felt
for her.

I kept looking and searching.
I looked in places I never knew existed.
I thought this love was just another mystery.

Except, it was not;
it was a deep cave,
So deep, even the beings in it
didn’t know what they were.

A mystery so big,
so huge, that it was
the same thing that
gave me air and took
it away from me.

Because, then,
she left me,
words betrayed me;

It was not just another mystery.
It was a puzzle of its own.
Unsolvable; just felt in the heart of
the Lonely & the Brave.

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