We Are

by Tanya Shatseva | via tanyashatseva.com

We are a blanket,
a bulletproof vest,
a tent made of glass,
we are One.

My heart and yours,
My brain and yours,
My lungs and yours,
My liver and yours,
My kidneys and yours.
They work in a flowing melody.

We are the entwined coil
of our shared ribcage.
We are the oxygen
to our shared lungs.
We are the blood
that pumps our shared heart.

We are the movement
of our chest when we breathe.
We are the flow
of our arms when we walk.
We are the speed
of our legs when we run.

We are the love
in our heart that we feel.
We are the thoughts
in our mind that we think.
We are the goosebumps
in our arms when we touch.

You are everything to me,
I am everything to you,
Love has never been greater,
Connection has never been stronger.

{12:46 pm, saturday, home}

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