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170 days later and it has been pouring all night.

Little drops are falling from the sky like bullets piercing through the Earth, attacking like a continuous chain of lightning strikes with purpose and determination. Looking out the window, I find it fascinating how such delicate drops could fall so fiercely, engulf the Earth, silence all noise and roar their own, still remain laced with peacefulness and tranquility no matter how hard they’re falling. Like a God sent cure, rain heals all broken hearts, alleviates all pain, silences all doubt, subsides all anger, and erases all worry and distress.
And here I stand by the window and think of how I cannot fathom the irony of how a pouring sky and a soaking ground could intrigue and move human beings to such extents.
Yet, still, it only strengthens my faith and makes me even more grateful to God for every single drop and every single puddle that sooths my soul with peace, quietness and restfulness, no matter how temporary I know it’s going to be.

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