You Are a Universe

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I sit in the car and look out the window at the sad, endless sky of this lonely morning and think.. Where are you?
Are you lying somewhere between those clouds? Are you folded through the snow on top of those mountains?
Are you the water of the ocean? Are you the sound of the wind?
Are you the sparkle in this lush, green grass? Are you the intoxicating smell of those voluminous trees in this forest of mystery and melancholy?
Are you the blossoming flowers or the shrivelling leaves?
Are you the light of the sun?
Have you been transported into another planet? What are you doing? Can you see me? Can you hear me? What are you surrounded by? Are you smiling? Are you happy? You must be somewhere around here. You might be miles and miles away from me but you’re still somewhere. You’re still out there.. I just need to find a pathway to reach you.

So, until we are united again,
you will be the clouds that top over me, the mountains that give me courage and strength, the snow that blisses around me, and the ocean that is too enormous I completely forget my pain & fears looking at it.
You will be every gust and swirl of wind, the grass I lie on for safety and hope, and the trees that keep me company through the glistening moon and the shinning sun.
You will be every single blossoming flower that helps me off the ground and every single shrivelled leaf that crunches and crumbles through my fingers when I fall face down to the ground.
You will be the sunlight that shines through my curtain in the morning and the firm grounds of this Earth that hold me up and high and on.

You will be all my galaxies and stars and constellations. For you are a universe inside of me, that I, through bliss and pain, carry with pride and joy and gratitude.


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