Too Complicated To Be Titled

by imo-albina | via

Half friends and empty words
A deceiving disguise, a consuming madness

Sinking hearts and collapsing walls
A gust of wind, an avalanche

Stomping grounds and crashing horizons
A conflagration, a tornado

Unspoken words and clustered thoughts
A cave of weightless feathers, a mountain of heavy sand

Glistening moons and broken promises
A splurge, a wrecked home

Dark nights and dim lights
A lost soul, a numb heart

Crashing waves and crumbling skies
A hollow hole, a suffocating tunnel

Flowing rivers and digging claws
A pleasant day, an ageless night

Sunken seas and undying emotion
A tranquil gaze, a soothing silence

Loose ends and sinking ships
A beam of light, a burning passion

Rolled down curtains and lifeless mirrors
A demanding urge, an open wound

Fascinating mornings and overwhelming obsessions
A gulp of guilt, an everlasting paranoia

Blurring cars and hazed memories
A burst of fear, a crippling doubt

Crying eyes and longing hearts
‘A brick wall, a brick wall’.

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